At Bristol Remaps we specialise in remapping of both cars and vans, all our maps are written completely custom to your vehicle. We do this by reading the current information from you vehicle and making changes directly to that information. This allows us to cater for your every need, so if for example you wanted your map geared towards improving fuel economy we can do this, equally if you want maximum performance we can do this.

Prices for each start from as little as £199.99 and on many cars this can be recouped in fuel saving in just a few months.

In addition we can also map in the following depending on the vehicle.

Bristol Remaps Ltd

Limiter Removal/ Vmax Removal
DPF Removal
EGR Removal
Launch Control
DTC removal
Lambda /O2 Sensor Removal
Swirl Flap Removal
MAF Sensor Removal
Immo Removal
Hard Cut Rev Limiter
Pop and bang map
VW VAG Group Hot Start Fix


Performance Map

As it sounds this is tuning solely designed to increase performance.

The tuning we offer is fully custom written by our team of technical engineers, meaning we can adapt the tuning we offer to your specific needs, requirements and modifications.

Customisation of our tuning and remapping includes:

• Tailoring for large injector tuning
• Larger intercoolers
• Large turbo and supercharger modifications and conversions

• Air induction and performance exhaust systems

• …and much more.


Blend Map

This is the map we personally recommend to most of our customers, its as it sounds a blend of performance and economy, therefore will offer increased power and torque but at the same time will also increase your miles per gallon meaning it will pay for itself.

One of our customers only achieved an improvement of 3.5 mpg following one of our blend maps and was a little disappointed, However once I explained that with the mileage he was doing (20k per year) it worked out after 12 months he would have saved around £400 whilst driving with improved performance he was more than pleased.


Full Eco Map

A Full Eco map is as it sounds focused on saving you £££. In this map we still improve low down torque but limit the high end power to improve miles per gallon. A knock on effects from driving more efficiently with one of our Full Eco Maps is savings will also be seen in the form tyre and brake longevity as well as a general decrease in maintenance costs.

I would not personally recommend this map to someone driving the vehicle, but it works great for company vehicles and is often used by large companies such as British Telecom who reported a multi million pound savings across their fleet following have an Eco Map

Trust a company that individually designs bespoke upgrades to your personal requirements. Trust a company that can maximize the potential of you car. Trust Bristol Remaps….

Don’t be left dreaming about life without restrictions, call Bristol Remaps now on 0333 733 1400 and make your dream a reality.

And that’s Guaranteed.



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