At Bristol Remaps we do not have one set price to remap all vehicles. The reason for this is quite simple, different vehicles require different methods to apply the remap. To remap some vehicles it is necessary to remove the ECU from the vehicle and apply our software straight on the chip by connecting to the circuit board itself. On other vehicles we can flash our maps on via the on board diagnostics port (OBD), this is a much quicker and easy jobs to perform. Another factor when pricing a job is how long it will take to make the required modifications to the map, depending on vehicle and required modifications this can take anywhere from 20 minutes to several hours. For this reason we do not have a simple price list and advise all customers to contact us for a tailored quote for your vehicle and your requirements.

We do however guarantee our prices are extremely competitive, starting at just £199.99 and if you have had a better price elsewhere give us the chance to match it!!

You can do this via our Contact Us Page via our Facebook page or by calling 0333 733 1400