DPF / EGR Deletes.

DPF removal is becoming increasingly popular. As many people are unaware of what this component is or what is does until the problem occurs, here is a little information for you.

A diesel particulate filter is fitted to the cars exhaust system and is designed to remove the diesel particles or soot from the emissions of the vehicle. As you drive around town the soot particles in the exhaust gas are trapped by the filter and then periodically burned off through its regeneration cycle performed whilst doing typical motorway driving. This is not ideal if you are only doing short journeys, as the filter will collect the soot particles but will be unable to clean itself.

Eventually the filter will become blocked, resulting in warning lights appearing on the cars dashboard and also in many cases causing a loss of power effectively due to the engine being unable to push out its exhaust gases through the blocked filter.

Whilst in theory these components are a great idea to lower emissions and pollution from diesel engines unfortunately we are seeing a ridiculous number of failures, leaving customers with an expensive repair bill well in excess of £1000.

We can offer solutions to get you back on the road and prevent any warning lights returning. BR Tuning and Diagnostics Ltd have been carrying out these services for a number of years with great success, for more information please call 0333 733 1400.

EGR Delete

The EGR valve (Engine Gas Recirculation Valve) is designed to recirculate a small amount of exhaust gas back in to the engines combustion chambers. However like DPF filters these car prone to failure, the sooty gas tends to build up around the valve preventing it from opening or closing correctly. It can be expensive to fix with a new EGR valve costing north of £500 alone.

Typical signs of an EGR fault:

  • Poor running.
  • Lack of power.
  • Excessive temperature.
  • Fault light or flashing coil light on dash.

A Cheaper Solution

Bristol Remaps can safely blank your EGR valve and remove the relevant software from your vehicles ECU. There is no need for you to physically remove the valve itself, so there are no tell tale signs that it has been done.

We can do this for a fraction of the price of replacing the valve so give us a call for more information

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