Ford Transit Remap

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2008 Ford Transit 350 remapped to approx 150bhp, egr removal and speed limiter removal. This was a very awkward customer! the van had the speed limiter not only stored in the ECU but also stored in the eprom. Fortunately Lee test drove the vehicle after the remap and discovered the speed limiter was still in play, we re-analysed the map and couldn’t find any fault, so we plugged in the Delphi tool to see if we could remove it this way which fortunately worked. Apologised to the customer for the long stay but I think he was happy just to have it gone, he was equally happy his EML light was no longer showing on the dash as well!

Thanks Lee Colman for your patience!

If you would like more out of your van, car or bike, egr delete, dpf delete, speed limiter removal etc send us your reg via facebook or in a text to 07711587873 we will give you a quote or go to our contact page

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